prassadco PRASSADCO program for the IMSC and ICE instruments on the DEMETER spacecraft

Ondrej Santolik (e-mail address of Ondrej Santolik as a gif image) and Frantisek Nemec, Charles University, Prague
10 July 2005, last modified on 23 November 2005


Analysis of calibrated level-1 ELF wave data obtained during the burst mode, either by the ICE instrument ("1130" files), or the IMSC instrument ("1135" files) or both of them. These files are generated by the DEMETER mission control center at the LPCE/CNRS Orleans, France. PRASSADCO is a computer program designed to analyze multicomponent measurements of electromagnetic waves. It implements methods used to estimate polarization and propagation parameters, such as the degree of polarization, sense of elliptic polarization and axes of polarization ellipse, the wave vector direction, and the Poynting vector. The results can be represented in different visual and numerical formats.


  1. Download files (2 kB), topra.idl (660 kB), pra_template.ini (8kB), and the example input files example/DMT_N1_1135_20050613_190930_20050613_194259_B0FIELD.DAT (4.3 MB), and example/DMT_N1_1130_20050613_190930_20050613_194259_B0FIELD.DAT (4.3 MB)
  2. Under IDL (ver 5.3 and higher) type pras,'example'
  3. This creates new binary data files example/DMT_N1_1135_20050613_190930_20050613_194259_B0FIELD_aux.dat and example/DMT_N1_1135_20050613_190930_20050613_194259_B0FIELD_sm.dat; a new PRASSADCO configuration file example/DMT_N1_1135_20050613_190930_20050613_194259_B0FIELD.ini ; a new resulting postscript file example/ (see below).
  4. The same procedure can be used for different level-1 files downloaded from the DEMETER mission control center.
  5. Once the binary data files DMT_N1_1135_XXXX_aux.dat and DMT_N1_1135_XXXX_sm.dat are created from a given set of level-1 files DMT_N1_1135_XXXX.DAT and DMT_N1_1130_XXXX.DAT, the configuration file DMT_N1_1135_XXXX.ini can be modified (to select other output wave characterictics or a different mode of output) using the PRASSADCO documentation. A new resulting postscript file (where KK is 01, 02,...) can be then created by the command prassadco,'DMT_N1_1135_XXXX.ini' run in the IDL environment.


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