(PRopagation Analysis of STAFF-SA Data with COherency tests) is a computer program designed to analyze multicomponent measurements of electromagnetic waves. It implements a number of methods used to estimate polarization and propagation parameters, such as the degree of polarization, sense of elliptic polarization and axes of polarization ellipse, the wave vector direction, the Poynting vector, and the refractive index. The results can be represented in different visual and numerical formats.

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  1. STAFF-SA instrument onboard the Cluster spacecraft
  2. STAFF/DWP instrument onboard the Double Star equatorial TC-1 spacecraft
  3. LFEW instrument onboard the Double Star polar TC-2 spacecraft
  4. IMSC and ICE instruments on the DEMETER spacecraft
  5. Polar PWI-HFWR data

prassadco PRASSADCO is maintained by Ondrej Santolik (e-mail address of Ondrej Santolik as a gif image), Charles University, Prague